Water Temperature Anomalies in the North Atlantic and Precipitation in the Crimea in the Years with Extreme Values of the North Atlantic Oscillation Index

A. A. Sizov and A. E. Chekhlan

A sign-variable structure of sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies in the high, subtropical, and tropical latitudes of the North Atlantic under the North Atlantic Oscillation index (NAO) values NAO ≥ 1 and NAO ≤ –1 is considered. A difference in cyclonic activity in winter under extreme values of the NAO is noted. The relation between the NAO anomalies in the areas with maximum cyclonic activity in the North Atlantic and some hydrometeorological quantities in the Crimea is analyzed. Preliminary estimates of the occurrence of a quasi-twenty-year cycle in the variability of processes determined by extreme values of the NAO are presented.

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