Testing the Method for Surface Air Temperature Refinement Based on a Complex of Models of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Local Heat and Water Budgets

A. Yu. Mikhailov, K. G. Rubinshtein, and A. B. Shmakin

A method is considered for space-time refinement of surface air temperature obtained from the atmospheric general circulation model (GCM) of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia over a limited area by means of use of a complex of the atmospheric boundary layer models and surface heat and water budget model. The latter describes all major processes of heat and water exchange at the underlying surface and within the soil and vegetation using 14 external parameters for different types of landscapes and soils. The side and upper boundary conditions for the local model are provided from the GCM model. Different statistical estimates of the modeling results show possibility and reliability of the refinement for time changes of the quantity under calculation as well as for development of averaged fields reflecting small-scale inhomogeneities of the landscape.

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