Extreme Flood on the Danube River in 2006

V. N. Mikhailov, V. N. Morozov, N. I. Cheroy, M. V. Mikhailova, and Ye. F. Zav’yalova

Causes and features of an extreme flood on the Danube River in spring and summer 2006 are considered. The water levels at some gauge stations on the Middle Danube and at most gauge stations on the Lower Danube exceeded maxima observed during previous 100–130 years. The flood on the Lower Danube lasted from March to July and led to widespread inundations and damage. The flood was caused by melt of large amounts of snow accumulated in the river basin during winter, very warm spring, and abundant rains. In recent decades, the occurrence frequency of extreme hydrological events on the Danube River (large spring-summer floods and catastrophic rainfall freshets) has increased.

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