Electrization and Spatial Charge Separation at the Air Bubbles Exhalation That Occurs During the Coagulation Growth of Hail Particles in a Cloud. Part 2. Generation of Thunderstorm Electricity due to the Charged Bubbles Exhalation Caused by Freezing of Overcooled Cloud Drops on the Hail Particles Surface

M. K. Zhekamukhov, B. G. Karov, and T. S. Kumykov

It has been found that air bubbles, which exhale during freezing of overcooled cloud drops on the hail or graupel particles surface, carry away a great amount of positive charge to the surrounding space while the compensating negative charge remains on the solid particles of hydrometeors. This conception was used for computation of rates of charge accumulation on the hail particles and generation of thunderstorm electricity in deep convective clouds. It is shown that this conception describes the most powerful mechanism of thunderstorm electricity generation and satisfies all the requirements for the theory of thunderstorm electricity.

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