Weather Peculiarities of the 2007–2008 Cold Season in the Northern Caspian Sea

B. Yu. Boldyrev, A. N. Andreev, and Yu. V. Dozortseva

Weather patterns of the cold season in the studied region of the Caspian Sea are quite complicated; ice processes here represent an actual threat for hydrotechnical and other engineering constructions located both on the coast and the Northern Caspian Sea shelf, as well as for the navigation in the ice covered sea. Analysis of the materials obtained from the researches performed in November 2007–March 2008 showed that weather patterns of the 2007–2008 cold season in the Northern Caspian Sea formed under the influence of synoptic processes differed from the multiyear norm. The unusually high frequency of anticyclonic processes (especially, the Siberian anticyclone) defined the low monthly average air temperature in January that was 2–5C below the climatologic norm over the entire Northern Caspian water area.

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