A Field Version of the AMK-03 Automated Ultrasonic Meteorological Complex

A. A. Azbukin, A. Ya. Bogushevich, V. A. Korol’kov, A. A. Tikhomirov, and V. D. Shelevoi

In this paper, a new field version of the automated ultrasonic meteorological complex AMK-03 is described. This complex is intended for measuring instant values of the main meteorological variables, such as air temperature, horizontal and vertical components of the wind speed and direction, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure. These data are obtained and processed with 40 Hz sensors and then accumulated in a logger. In this complex, data acquisition via eight extra sensors (including soil and/or water temperature sensors) is foreseen. The data are recorded onto changeable flash cards (whose capacity is at least 256 Mb). To the logger data decoding and processing, special software is developed. The complex is supplied with batteries that provide its autonomic operation for at least 96 hours. Together with its transportation case, its weight does not exceed 19 kg. The AMK-03 complex has been registered in the State Register of the Measuring Instruments of Russia.

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