Complex Study of Characteristics of a Cb Cloud Developing over the Arabian Peninsula under Conditions of High Dew Point Deficit in the Atmosphere. Part 2. Analysis of the Meteosat Data

T. W. Krauss, A. A. Sin’kevich, N. E. Veremei, Yu. A. Dovgalyuk, V. S. Makitov, and V. D. Stepanenko

Development of a long-living Cb cloud in the desert part of Saudi Arabia on April 10, 2008 is analyzed. Continuous satellite and radar observations of the cloud are carried out during five hours. Numerical modeling of the cloud is performed using a nonstationary 1.5-dimensional model. Data on the Cb cloud and its anvil development dynamics are obtained. It is shown that the anvil characteristics differ significantly in the zone of its formation directly over the cloud and when moving away from it. It is pointed out that the radar underestimates the anvil sizes. Estimation of precipitation rate from the cloud under study by means of satellite and radar measurements is compared against the results of numerical modeling. It is found that precipitation rate could reach 100 mm/h. The radar estimates of the precipitation rate are significantly overstated, which is, in this case, due to presence of large hail particles.  

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