Hydrometeorological Conditions in the Barents Sea during El Niño of 1997–1998

A. N. Sidorova and A. D. Shcherbinin

Interadapted fields of main hydrophysical characteristics in the vicinity of hydrological sections carried out in 1997–1998 in the Barents Sea are obtained on the basis of model computations. The complex analysis of these materials and atmospheric situation in the region during 1997–1998 enabled to estimate quantitatively the variations of significant hydrodynamic conditions: the decrease in the inflow of rather warm and salty North Atlantic waters and the compensation inflow of polar waters, the decrease in total heat content and the weakening of water dynamics in the system of the general cyclonic circulation, and the increase in the ice coverage of the Barents Sea in anomalously cold winter 1997/98. It is revealed with a high degree of the confidence probability that the significant deviations from the normal conditions occur in response to the global El Niño disturbance which took place in the same years with the maximum values of the Southern Oscillation Index in January–March 1998.

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