Dynamics of the Tropopause for the Cases of Sharp Changes in Total Ozone at the Midlatitudes of the Northern Hemisphere

A. R. Ivanova

Analysis is presented of height changes of the tropopause as approximated by the level of 3.5 pvu of vertical component of Ertel potential vorticity, for the cases of sharp (exceeding 100 DU per day) changes in total ozone (TO) on the basis of a special series of synchronous values of the tropopause characteristics and TO at the 1 1grid within 30–70N latitude belt in 2009. Occurrence frequency of the cases is estimated depending on latitude and longitude. It is shown that sharp increase (decrease) in TO is unambiguously associated with decreasing (increasing) tropopause height, regardless of its oscillations during the day. Separate cases of sharp TO changes are studied, and changes in the tropopause characteristics are quantitatively specified.

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