Seasonal and Diurnal Dynamics of CO2 Emission from Oligotrophic Peat Soil Surface

E. A. Golovatskaya and E. A. Dyukarev

The results of research of diurnal and seasonal dynamics of CO2 emission from the oligotrophic swamp surface in the southern taiga subzone of Western Siberia in 2005–2007 are under consideration. During the summertime, the intensity of CO2 emission increases from spring to the midsummer and then decreases by the fall. A mean CO2 emission value was 118 mg CO2/(m2 hour). The analysis of diurnal dynamics of CO2 emission showed that the maximum CO2 flux is observed at 16:00, while the minimum, at 07:00. Mean amplitude of diurnal variations of the CO2 emission is 74 mg CO2/(m2 hour). The relations established between air temperature and CO2 flux allowed calculating carbon dioxide emission for the periods between measurements. It was found that in the summertime, the period between 10:00 and 13:00 was optimal for measuring CO2 emission with a chamber method.

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