Investigation of the Impact of Dynamic Factors on Cb Cloud Development in Saudi Arabia

T. W. Krauss, A. A. Sin’kevich, R. Burger, N. E. Veremei, Yu. A. Dovgalyuk, and V. D. Stepanenko

Changes are analyzed of a Cb cloud characteristics due to its merging with feeder clouds, on the data on a long-living Cb cloud in Saudi Arabia on July 4, 2008. Continuous radar and satellite observations of the cloud are carried out during 6 h. The Cb cloud development is also numerically simulated using a nonstationary 1½ model. It is found that the processes of Cb cloud merging with feeder clouds developing in its vicinities affect significantly the Cb cloud development. This impact demonstrates itself in longer duration of the Cb cloud life span, increasing top height, reflectivity, precipitation duration and intensity. Modification of the feeder clouds can accelerate their development, which eventually can affect notably the Cb cloud.

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