Estimating the Computation Accuracy of Mixed Waves in the Ocean on the Basis of Present-Day Numerical Models

E. S. Nesterov, Z. K. Abuzyarov, G. A. Grigor’eva, I. N. Davidan, V. I. Dymov, and T. A. Pasechnik

An estimate of the computation accuracy of wind waves is obtained on the basis of three mathematical models used for the diagnosis and forecast of wind waves at the Hydrometcenter of Russia, US National Weather Service, and European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. The accuracy estimation was carried out for the whole year 2006 by means of the comparison of model computations based on different wind fields with hourly instrumental observations of waves at 16 buoys in the North Atlantic. The computation accuracy was estimated on the basis of six statistical characteristics. Besides, the estimates for various wave height ranges for months and seasons of the year are made for all buoys and grouped into three geographical areas: the coasts of the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. The essential differences are revealed in the accuracy of model-based computation of waves in the areas of the ocean with different wind wave regimes, in different seasons of the year, and within various wave height ranges. The obtained results indicate the necessity to improve the present-day methods of diagnosis and forecast of wind waves.

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