Comparison of Wind Measurements by Means of Industrially Produced Sodar and High-Altitude Meteorological Mast in Obninsk

M. A. Novitskii, N. F. Mazurin, L. K. Kulizhnikova, O. Yu. Kalinicheva, L. A. Tereb, D. R. Nechaev, and V. L. Sapronov

The real characteristics of the MFAS sodar industrially produced by Scintec AG (Germany) are given. The paper presents a wider range of altitudes as compared with the papers published before as a result of using the meteorological mast with the height of 310 m and longer duration of practically continuous testing embracing different weather conditions in the period from July to November 2008. During the comparison, the 10-min averaging time for the wind speed and direction is used. The comparison of the data of acoustic sounding and contact measurement methods indicates that the sodar provides reliable information on the vertical profiles of average wind speed within the considered altitude range up to 300 m except the cases of heavy rainfalls and low wind speed.

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