Analysis of Temperature Variability in the Mountain Regions of the North Caucasus in 1961–2013

A. A. Tashilova, L. A. Kesheva, N. V. Teunova, and Z. A. Taubekova

Annual and seasonal series of temperature values are analyzed using the data of Akhty, Teberda, and Terskol weather stations (the height above the sea level is >1000 m) for 1961–2013 as well as from 1976 to 2013 in order to reveal changes in the mountain climate in the period of contempo- rary global warming. Mean values, standard deviations, norms, and anomalies of annual and seasonal values of temperature as well as the rate of their variation in the mentioned periods are obtained. It is found that the temperature rise is observed in all seasons and for the year as a whole at the mountain weather stations except Terskol station. According to the results of studying temperature variability, Akhty and Teberda weather stations were united into the group “mountain weather stations” with the subsequent averaging of climatic variables. Terskol weather station was singled out as an independent high-mountain weather station.

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