Eddies in the Ocean and Atmosphere: Identification by Satellite Imagery

M. G. Aleksanina, A. S. Eremenko, A. A. Zagumennov, and V. A. Kachur

The results are presented of using a new approach that helps to detect and compute the parameters of eddies in the ocean and tropical cyclones in the atmosphere based on satellite imagery. The approach is based on the concept of dominant orientation of thermal contrasts (DOTC). DOTC is an angle of the statistically significant orientation of brightness contrast in the specified vicinity of the image. DOTC highly correlates with the directions of flows; it is a base for construction of models for identification of eddy motions, namely, synoptic eddies in the oceans and tropical cyclones in the atmosphere. The model-based identification of one or another eddy allows estimating such parameters as the center position, shape, size, and sign (cyclone or anticyclone) of the eddy, and the size of the tropical cyclone eye. Based on the proposed approach, technologies of automatic identification and monitoring of oceanic eddies and tropical cyclones are developed. The results of the practical use of these technologies are presented for the recent years.

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