On Intense Internal Waves in the Coastal Zone of the Peter the Great Bay (the Sea of Japan)

I. O. Yaroshchuk, A. P. Leont’ev, A. V. Kosheleva, A. A. Pivovarov,

A. N. Samchenko, D. V. Stepanov, and A. N. Shvyryov

Spatiotemporal variability of the internal gravity waves in the Sea of Japan shelf zone (in the Peter the Great Bay) is analyzed basing on the results of the experimental data processing. It is shown that, as for autumn water structure, the tidal internal waves moving towards the coast are transformed due to the non-linear effects and may reach significant amplitudes (of about 10 meters). Such waves are usually referred to as strongly non-linear. The main characteristics of such intense waves were estimated. An example of the disintegration of solitary temperature depression into the package of short-period intense internal waves is given.

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