M. Yu. Bardin

Anticyclonic Quasi-Stationary Circulation and Its Influence on Temperature Anomalies and Extremes in Western Russia


I. N. Plakhina, E. L. Makhotkina, and N. V. Pankratova

Atmospheric Aerosol Optical Thickness Variations over Russian Territory in 1976–2003


T. W. Krauss and A. A. Sinkevich

Investigation of Cb Movement in the Canada (Alberta Province)


 P. V. Novorotskii

Climate Changes in the Amur Basin over the Past 115 Years


E. N. Kadygrov, A. V. Koldaev, E. A. Miller, V. V. Sokolov, and M. N. Khaikin

Study of an Urban Heat Island in the City of Nizhnii Novgorod on the Basis of a Mobile Atmospheric Temperature Profiler


A. A. Postnov, N. V. Zhokhova, and E. V. Borisov

Correlation of Temperature and Salinity Variations as a Characteristic of North Atlantic Water Masses


L. S. Kuchment and A. N. Gelfan

Long-Term Ensemble Forecasts of Snowmelt Runoff with the Help of the Physically Based Models of Runoff Generation


V. A. Lobanov and V. E. Belikov

Determination of Design Hydrological Characteristics with Consideration of Historical Maxima


A. M. Ovanesyants, T. A. Krasilnikova, and A. B. Ivanov

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in November 2006


L. N. Parshina

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in November 2006


E. V. Vasil’ev, V. I. Luk’yanov, and M. G. Naishuller

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in November 2006


A. M. Zvyagintsev, N. S. Ivanova, G. M. Kruchenitskii, I. N. Kuznetsova, and E. A. Lezina

Ozone Content over the Russian Federation Territory in 2006

 CHRONICLE International Conference on Hydrometeorological Safety Problems 122
M. Ya. Antonovskii (the 75th Birthday) 125
In Memory of E. D. Stukin   
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