Estimates of Tropical Cyclone Effects on the Upper Layer in the Seas of Japan and Okhotsk

E. Yu. Potalova, T. I. Tarkhova, and M. S. Permyakov

On the basis of climate and reanalysis data, a contribution is estimated of tropical cyclones (TCs) to the fluxes of heat, moisture, momentum, and mechanical energy of wind over the seas of Japan and Okhotsk. The estimates are obtained for two TCs that passed over these areas. It is shown that when TCs move over both seas, the heat and moisture exchange between the sea surface and the atmosphere increases approximately by a factor of 3. Also, a significant dynamic effect of tropical cyclones on the upper ocean layer is noted, so that the flux of mechanical wind energy exceeds the background monthly mean values by a factor of 10 or more. On the example for the Far East seas, a well-pronounced dependence of disturbances in the upper ocean on intensity, size, and dynamics of the cyclone is shown.

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