Seasonal Variability of the Harmonic Constants of the Quarter-Diurnal and Sixth-Diurnal Constituents in the Barents Sea and White Sea

G. N. Voinov

Detailed data are presented on the seasonal time variations of the harmonic constants of the quarter-diurnal waves MN4, M4, MS4 and sixth-diurnal waves 2MN6, M6, 2MS6 obtained from the results of harmonic analysis of hourly tidal observations at Teriberka and Iokan’ga in the Barents Sea and Sosnovets, Kandalaksha, Kem-Port (Popov Island) and Arkhangelsk (Solombala Island) in the White Sea from 1977 to 1982 (1979). An extended least-squares technique is used. New compound waves are proposed for approximation of the seasonal variability of the harmonic constants of shallow-water waves and for a more complete description of the tide. An estimation of the prediction accuracy of tides with the addition of new compound shallow-water waves at Arkhangelsk and Kandalaksha has been performed.

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