Tendencies in Precipitation pH Dynamics in the Russian Far East

I. I. Kondrat’ev, L. I. Mezentsev, and G. I. Semykina

The results of studies of an acid–base indicator of the snow cover pH in the Primorskii krai for 2004–2005 are analyzed. Long-term observations of precipitation pH in the Russian Far East region are also considered. The results of studies of the snow cover pH of 2005 differed from the earlier data by the lower values of the acid–base indicator. Synoptic analysis demonstrated that acid precipitation in the Primorskii krai could be due to long-range transboundary pollution transport from Central China. The tendency towards a decrease in the precipitation pH values over most of the Far East region is traced from long-term observations, which under conditions of the general economy recession and population decrease can be attributed to transboundary transport of acid precipitation.

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