Interannual Variations in Total Ozone Fields at High Latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, November to March 1998–2005

O. A. Syrovatkina, I. L. Karol, A. M. Shalamyanskii, and L. P. Klyagina

Synoptic analysis of monthly and daily mean total ozone fields is carried out using ground-based (Roshydromet) and TOMS measurements. Large interannual changes in the evolution of the stratospheric polar vortex and the North Pacific anticyclone influence the formation and dynamics of the winter-spring ozone fields in the stratosphere of high northern latitudes. The analysis shows considerable variations in the direction of zonal ozone transport from the sector of ozone inflow from low latitudes and accumulation in the Far East depending on the winter polar stratosphere temperature and the quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) phase. In years with the easterly QBO phase and the warm polar stratosphere, ozone at the end of winter is transported to northeastern Canada and Atlantic. In years with the easterly phase and cold polar stratosphere, ozone transport is directed to northern Eurasia. These characteristics will be verified on extensive observational data.

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