Automated Work Place “Planeta-Meteoobzor” for Monitoring Hazardous Weather Associated with Convective Clouds

M. V. Bukharov, A. V. Kukharskii, and L. A. Misnik

A functional description is presented of a new automated work place (AWP) as a remote service terminal of an original automated informational system for continuous meteorological decoding of measurements from geostationary satellites. A number of practical problems is considered which can be solved by means of “Planeta-Meteoobzor” AWP at a qualitatively higher level. Estimates are presented of efficiency of satellite identification of precipitation and thunderstorms and estimation of the Cb cloud top heights. Comparability and, under certain conditions, higher accuracy is proved of satellite surveillance weather maps, as compared with analogous radar information. Experimental operation of the AWP “Planeta-Meteoobzor” has confirmed its usefulness for the purposes of flight safety.

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