Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions in the Agricultural Sector of Russia

A. A. Romanovskaya

Anthropogenic emissions of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) from livestock agriculture (enteric fermentation, animal waste management systems, and pasture manure) and plant growing of the Russia (CH4 emissions from rice fields, direct and indirect N2O emissions from agricultural lands) are considered. In 2004, the total emissions of these greenhouse gases in the agricultural sector amounted to 1.4 * 105 thousand t CO2-equivalent, which corresponds to 45% of the 1990 level (3.1 * 105 thousand t CO2-equivalent). In 2004, the contribution of N2O to the total agricultural emissions was approximately twice (67.0%) that of CH4 (33.0%). Direct N2O emissions from agricultural soils (0.5 * 105 thousand t CO2-equivalent) and CH4 emissions from the internal fermentation of domestic animals (0.4 * 105 thousand t CO2-equivalent) are the most significant sources in the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation. In 2004, all these agricultural sources emitting methane and nitrous oxide contributed about 7% CO2-equivalent to the total emission of the anthropogenic greenhouse gases in Russia.

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