Electrization and Spatial Charge Separation at the Air Bubbles Exhalation that Occurs During the Coagulation Growth of Hail Particles in a Cloud. Part 1. Kinetics of the Bubbles Exhalation Process Caused by Increasing Temperature of Overcooled Cloud Drops

M. K. Zhekamukhov, B. G. Karov, and T. S. Kumykov

Kinetics of the air bubbles exhalation process, which occurs in overcooled cloud drops when they hit the hail or graupel particles surface. Analytical relationship between a number of bubbles generated in a drop and their size depending on the degree of overcooling of cloud drops is revealed. It is shown that the air bubbles exhalation, which accompanies the coagulation growth of hail particles, occurs on the principle of “ebullition” of the liquid on the surface of a hail particle.

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