M. V. Bukharov, V. M. Losev, and B. E. Peskov

Automated Evaluation of Maximum Wind Velocity Using Geostationary Satellite Information


M. K. Zhekamukhov, B. G. Karov, and T. S. Kumykov

Electrization and Spatial Separation of Charges due to Air Bubbles Emission in the Process of Coagulation Growth of Hail-Stones in a Cloud. Part II. The Generation of the Thunder Electricity due to the Yield of Charged Bubbles at Solidification of the Overcooled Cloud Particles on the Surface of Hail Particles


I. V. Lavrova and A. I. Ugryumov

Classification of the Fields of Intense Drought Index in View of the Recent Climate Change Problem


V. M. Feoktistov, V. N. Kharin, and E. N. Spector

Study of Chemical Element Deposition with Precipitation in Northern Russia through Multivariate Analysis


M. Yu. Ponomarev and Yu. F. Ponomarev

Electrization of Convective Clouds in the Process of Their Development  


M. D. Korzukhin, Yu. L. Tselniker, and S. M. Semenov

Ecophysical Model of Primary Productivity of Woody Plants and Estimating Climate Limits of Their Areals


V. A. Sosnin

Salinity Minimum in the Tropical Pacific


I. O. Dumanskaya and A. V. Fedorenko

Relationship between the Ice Cover Parameters in the Non-Arctic European Russia Seas and the Indexes of Global Atmospheric Circulation


V. G. Kalinin

Study of the Distribution of Ice Jams and Their Frequency on the Rivers of the Basin of Votkinsk Water Storage Reservoir


A. M. Ovanesyants, T. A. Krasilnikova, and A. B. Ivanov

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in September 2008


L. N. Parshina  

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in September 2008


E. V. Vasil’ev, V. I. Luk’yanov, and M. G. Naishuller

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in September 2008

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