Yu. A. Izrael

Evgenii Konstantinovich Fedorov (to the 100th Anniversary)


D. Yu. Gushchina, B. Dewitte, and S. A. Korkmazova 

Intraseasonal Variability of the Tropical Atmosphere and Its Simulation Using the Atmospheric Model of Intermediate Degree of Complexity


G. V. Surkova, I. D. Eremina, and P. A. Mordkovich

On the Influence of Large-scale Atmospheric Transport on Chemical Composition and Intensity of Precipitation in Central European Russia


L. V. Berkovich and Yu. V. Tkacheva

Hydrodynamic Short-range Weather Forecast at Points


B. P. Koloskov

Statistical Evaluation of Results of Operative Precipitation Enhancement Activities over Large Areas Using Historical Regression Method


V. A. Buzin

Factors of Formation and Forecast of Ice Jams on the Rivers of Northern European Russia


A. M. Nikanorov, L. P. Sokolova, O. S. Reshetnyak, M. Yu. Kondakova, and A. O. Danilenko 

Anthropogenic Loading on the Northern Dvina Mouth


Yu. A. Fedorov, A. E. Ovsepyan, and V. B. Korobov

Features of Mercury Distribution, Migration, and Transformation in the Northern Dvina Estuary Waters


I. A. Zhabin, A. A. Abrosimova, V. A. Dubina, and D. A. Nekrasov

Influence of the Amur River Discharge on the Hydrological Conditions of the Amurskii Liman and Sakhalin Bay (the Sea of Okhotsk) during a Spring-Summer Flood


A. M. Ovanesyants, T. A. Krasilnikova, and A. B. Ivanov

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in January 2010  


L. N. Parshina

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in January 2010


E. V. Vasil’ev, A. D. Golubev, and M. G. Naishuller

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in January 2010 

 CHRONICLE 90 Years of Polar Researches (to the Anniversary of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute)   120
N. V. Kobysheva (the 85th Birthday) 123
E. Yu. Bezuglaya (the 80th Birthday)    124
N. V. Virkhobskii (the 60th Birthday)   125
In Memory P. S. Lineikin (the 100th Birthday)   126
In Memory of S. S. Khodkin (1935–2009)   127
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