Measurements of the Surface Layer Turbulence in the Urban Area

N. F. Mazurin, M. K. Matskevich, V. T. Mil’chenko, and M. A. Novitskii

The turbulence characteristics measured in the surface layer over a real underlying surface are presented. The measurements are carried out at the 3- and 16-m levels using acoustic anemometers; at the lower level, the measurements are doubled. The diurnal cycle is obtained of the temperature flux and friction velocity. To obtain the temperature flux, so-called “acoustic” temperature is used as calculated from the sound speed data with corrections for air humidity and pressure. The normalized characteristics of turbulence are presented as dependent on dimensionless height z/L. The values of temperature flux and friction velocity increase with height: their day-integral values at 16-m level exceed those at 3-m level for about 20 and 35%, respectively.

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