Foehn Influence on Air Pollution Processes in the Mountain Regions

G. S. Guniya, Z. I. Tskvitinidze, B. M. Kholmatzhanov, and Z. N. Fatkhullaeva

The results of investigations of the foehn influence on the air pollution level are given as the Colchian Lowland (the southwestern Caucasus) and the Akhangaran valley (Western Tien Shan) case study. The calculations of distribution fields of the NOx concentrations in the Akhangaran valley are considered. It is shown that foehn processes influence substantially the atmosphere pollution level in the mountain countries. Their due regard, when studying the atmosphere pollution, will allow significant increasing of the accuracy of ecological estimates of the natural environmental state. A conclusion is made that this meteorological event ought to be referred to regional dangerous meteorological conditions that promote intensification of the local atmosphere pollution.

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