Time Changes of Atmospheric Precipitation in Russia from the Corrected Data during 1936–2000

E. G. Bogdanova, S. Yu. Gavrilova, and B. M. Il’in

Homogeneous time series of atmospheric precipitation with corrected systematic errors of measurements at 100 stations in Russia for the period of 1936–2000 are obtained. Combined effects are considered of all kinds of systematic errors of standard network precipitation-measuring instruments (the raingauge with the Nifer shield and the Tret’yakov raingauge) on the measured precipitation totals. Comparative analysis is carried out of the measured and corrected long-term mean characteristics of precipitation amounts (annual totals, warm and cold season totals, and different types of precipitation). On the basis of the obtained archives of precipitation homogeneous time series, linear trends are estimated for the period under consideration with estimation of their statistical significance. Schematic charts are plotted and analyzed of time changes in the annual precipitation amounts and in the amounts of different types of precipitation.

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