Results of Comparison of Atmospheric Temperature Profiles from the Data of Microwave MTP-5 Profilers and Radiosondes

M. N. Khaikin

Results are represented of comparison of temperature profiles obtained using the remote MTP-5 profilers and radiosondes in three towns: Nizhni Novgorod, Dolgoprudny, and Orenburg in 2004–2006. The comparisons carried out for three types of profiles, namely, for adiabatic type and for surface and raised inversions demonstrated that the MTP-5 instrument registers reliably the temperature profile type. The best coincidence of profiles is observed in the lower 200-m layer. The mean square deviation of the difference of temperature values from the measurements of MTP-5 and radiosonde in the altitude interval of 0–600 m is within the range of 0.9–1.4ºC.

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