M. Yu. Bardin

Scenary Forecasts of Air Temperature Variations for the Regions of the Russian Federation up to 2030 Using the Empirical Stochastic Climate Models


A. V. Khokhlova and A. A. Timofeev

Long-Term Variations of Wind Regime in the Free Atmosphere over the European Territory of Russia


N. M. Datsenko, N. N. Ivashchenko, D. M. Sonechkin, Q. Chun, and B. Yang 

Spatio-Temporal Scaling of Surface Air Temperature Fields in China


V. P. Sadokov

Distribution of Blocking Formations in the Middle Troposphere of the Northern Hemisphere


R. B. Zaripov, I. B. Konovalov, I. N. Kuznetsova, I. B. Belikov, and A. M. Zvyagintsev 

The Use of WRF ARW and CHIMERE Models for the Numerical Forecast of Surface Ozone Concentration


A. M. Zvyagintsev and O. A. Tarasova

Surface Ozone Concentration Trends in Germany and Their Relationship with Variations of Meteorological Parameters


S. M. Vakulovskii, M. G. Germenchuk, and O. M. Zhukova

Long-Range Transport of Radionuclides in the Atmosphere and Water Bodies


A. L. Bondarenko, E. V. Borisov, I. V. Serykh, G. V. Surkova, Yu. G. Filippov, and V. A. Shchev’ev 

On the Influence of Rossby Waves of the World Ocean on the Thermodynamics of Its Waters and Atmosphere and on the Weather and Climate of the Earth


V. V. Novotryasov and E. P. Pavlova

Determination of Parameters of Low-Frequency Internal Waves in the Coastal Zone of Marginal Seas Using In-Situ Measurements Based on the Nonlinear Theory


P. M. Lur’e and V. D. Panov 

Problems of Exploration Level of Hydrometeorological Regime of the North Caucasus Territory


M. A. Abduev

Methodological Aspects of Computation of Average Long-Term Ionic Runoff of Mountain Rivers (Ñase Study of Azerbaijan)


A. M. Ovanesyants, T. A. Krasil’nikova, and A. B. Ivanov

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in January 2011  


L. N. Parshina

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in January 2011


T. V. Berezhnaya, A. D. Golubev, and L. N. Parshina

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in January 2011

 CHRONICLE I. G. Gringof (to the 80th Birthday)   120
75 Years to Ust’-Umal’ta Meteorological Station   121
50 Years to the Samara Aviation Meteorological Center   123
50 Years to the Orsk Aviation Meteorological Station   124
30 Years to the Center of Environmental Pollution Monitoring of the Northern Territorial Administration for Hydrometeorological and Environmental Monitoring   125
In Memory of L. S. Gandin (1921—1997)   128
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