Interrelation of Total Precipitation over Eurasia with Atmospheric Centers of Action of the Northern Hemisphere and with Major Modes of the North Atlantic Surface Temperature Variability

A. V. Murav’ev and I. A. Kulikova

Conventional average values of Wallace–Gutzler indices for the regional circulations and average values of major variability components of the fields of the North Atlantic surface temperature anomalies are plotted on the geographical map used to analyze the total daily precipitation fields. The computation conditions of average values are defined by the dates classified according to three equiprobable gradations of total precipitation. A projection of conditional average values to the precipitation field points enables to estimate the atmospheric and oceanic “tracks” within the marked out gradations of total precipitation. The stratification and computation of characteristics are carried out for the summer and winter seasons. Large regions are revealed of statistically significant interrelation of the atmospheric circulation and major components of variability of the sea surface temperature anomalies with the extreme gradations of total precipitation for summer and winter seasons. The recommendations are formulated for the use of obtained results in the practice of the seasonal forecasting of meteorological conditions.

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