Hydrometeorological Conditions of the Volga Region and Current Climate Changes

O. A. Anisimov, I. I. Borzenkova, E. L. Zhil’tsova, O. K. Zakharova, V. A. Kokorev, S. A. Reneva, and Yu. G. Strel’chenko

The maps are presented of seasonal air temperature and precipitation amount anomalies averaged for the whole Volga region and adjacent territory for two time periods, 1946–1977 and 1978–2008. It is demonstrated that the considerable differences in the thermal and moistening regimes of the Volga region exist for these two periods. The relation is described between the variations of temperature and precipitation amount and the circulation types according to Vangengeim–Girs classification as well as the possibility to use these data for specifying the climatic scenarios obtained on the basis of physically complete hydrodynamic models.

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