Assessment of Potential Risk for Fish Consumption by Population in the Baltic Sea Area Where Chemical Weapon Was Dumped

M. N. Katkova

Chemical weapon dumped after World War II in the Baltic Sea continues to be of a great concern of the public and population of the countries adjoining the area of dumping. One of such areas is part of the water area in the vicinity of the island of Bornholm. In 2007–2008, within the frameworks of the EU MERCW project “Modelling the Environmental Risks Related to Sea-Dumped Chemical Weapons” the area was researched during the expedition and potential effect of the dumped chemical weapon on the Baltic Sea ecosystem was studied. The major objective of this paper is to assess the risk for the population from consuming the fish caught in the area of chemical weapon dumping near Bornholm. The risk assessment for the population consuming the fish contaminated by arsenic compounds was conducted. It is demonstrated that the level of the risk for the human population taking in arsenic is of such a value that (in accordance with the carcinogen risk classification) the decision-makers are recommended to take measures for its reducing.

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