P. V. Sporyshev, V. M. Kattsov, and V. A. Matyugin

A Correspondence between the Model Ensemble Simulations and Observations of Temperature Changes on the Territory of Russia


S. M. Abdullaev, A. A. Zhelnin, and O. Yu. Lenskaya

The Structure of Mesoscale Convective Systems in Central Russia


N. O. Plaude, E. A. Stulov, I. P. Parshutkina, E. V. Sosnikova, N. A. Monakhova, and V. V. Yakhno 

Peculiarities of Seasonal Variations of Atmospheric Aerosol Concentrations in the Surface Air of Moscow Environs


Yu. I. Yusupov 

Using the Isentropic Analysis for the Operational Short-range Weather Forecasting


O. M. Andreev and B. V. Ivanov 

The Use of One-Dimensional Thermodynamic Model for Computing the Flat Ice Thickness and Hummock Freezing Intensity in the Northern Part of the Caspian Sea


S. E. Navrotskaya and B. V. Chubarenko 

On the Sea Level Rise in the Russian Part of the Vistula Lagoon


I. L. Kalyuzhnyi and S. A. Lavrov

Major Physical Processes and Regularities of Winter and Spring River Runoff Formation under Conditions of Climate Warming


N. N. Krasnogorskaya, T. B. Fashchevskaya, A. V. Golovina, Yu. I. Ferapontov, and N. V. Zhdanova  

Climatic Features of the Belaya River Runoff Formation


V. A. Dolgii-Trach

An Optimization Scheme of Instrumental Soil Water Storage Determination


T. A. Krasil’nikova, O. A. Markova, and O. V. Shemyakina

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in October 2011  


L. N. Parshina

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in October 2011  


T. V. Berezhnaya, A. D. Golubev, and L. N. Parshina

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in October 2011 

 CHRONICLE A. D. Kleshchenko (to the 70th Birthday)   117
50 Years to General State Radiometric Service   119
90 Years to Sol’-Iletsk Meteorological Station   126
75 Years to Petrovsk Meteorological Station   127
75 Years to the Khoper River Hydrological Station   128
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