The Use of One-Dimensional Thermodynamic Model for Computing the Level Ice Thickness and Hummock Freezing Intensity in the Northern Caspian Sea

O. M. Andreev and B. V. Ivanov

The results are analyzed of numerical experiments obtained using a one-dimensional thermodynamic model of the sea ice developed by the authors. The computations of the level-ice (fast-ice) evolution and ice hummock consolidation layer formation in different climatic situations (anomalously cold and anomalously warm winters) are carried out within the frameworks of the proposed model for the conditions being typical of the Northern Caspian Sea. The results of model computations are compared with the data of field researches carried out by the specialists of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in 2003–2008. A good correspondence is demonstrated between the model computations and expeditionary data. A conclusion is made on the prospectivity of using the model for design engineering.

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