Climatic Characteristics of Mediterranean Cyclones

V. D. Kaznacheeva and S. V. Shuvalov

Based on the data for the period of 1948–2004 using the objective methods of automatic identification of cyclones, the main areas of Mediterranean cyclogenesis are revealed, the main regularities of their trajectories are described, and the peculiarities of interseasonal variability of characteristics of the genesis and movement of Mediterranean cyclones are determined. Special attention is paid to the cyclones coming to the European part of Russia and to the territory of CIS countries, i.e., to so-called southern cyclones. The areas of genesis and trajectories of southern cyclones are classified. A trend of the total number of Mediterranean cyclones and of the number of southern cyclones is analyzed and their synchronous relationships with the low-frequency variability of atmospheric circulation are estimated using the indices of major teleconnection systems. It is demonstrated that the significant feedbacks exist between the number of southern cyclones and the NAO and EA2 teleconnection indices, as well as the index of North Asian system.

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