Precipitation Effects on Aerosol Concentration in the Atmospheric Surface Layer

N. O. Plaude, E. A. Stulov, I. P. Parshutkina, Yu. B. Pavlyukov, and N. A. Monakhova

The effects of wintertime and summertime precipitation on the mean (semiannual, seasonal, and monthly) concentration of aerosol particles of different sizes in the atmospheric surface layer are analyzed on the basis of the data of 15-year measurements of atmospheric aerosol in the town of Dolgoprudny (20 km from the center of Moscow). It is demonstrated that a statistically significant negative correlation between the aerosol particle concentration and the precipitation is observed for monthly mean values only and is absent for semiannual and seasonal means. The analysis of individual cases of precipitation corroborated the conclusion on their low impact on the aerosol concentration in the surface layer. In winter, the aerosol concentration decrease is observed within a narrow particle size interval of 0.03–0.1 μm and amounts to not more than 30% during several hours. A scavenging effect of summertime precipitation manifests itself in a wider size interval of 0.03–1.0 μm but does not exceed 10–20% and is of short-term nature. The limited effects of precipitation on the surface aerosol are explained by the proximity to the underlying surface being a permanent aerosol source.

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