Modeling the Concentration of Pollutants Using the WRF-ARW Atmospheric Model and CHIMERE Chemistry Trans port Model

R. B. Zaripov, I. B. Konovalov, and A. A. Glazkova

Described is a system for an a lyzing and forecasting the air quality in the central regions of Russia. During the operation of the system, the de tailed meteorological information provided by the WRF-ARW model is used by the CHIMERE chemistry transport model for simulating the processes of transport, chemical transformation, and deposition of atmospheric minor constituents. Considered is the quality of retrieved and fore casted (with the lead time up to three days) concentrations of O3, NO2, NO, CO, and PM10. The presented verification scores of pollutant concentrations demonstrate a relative success of the system. Demonstrated is a need in improving the data on the emissions of the air pollutants used for simulations. A procedure for the statistical correction of computed concentrations is described and verification scores of its results are given.

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