Onboard Instrumentation of the Yak-42D "Roshydromet" New-Generation Research Aircraft for Measuring and Registering Flight Parameters and Atmospheric Thermodynamic Parameters

N. V. Bazanin, Yu. A. Borisov, V. V. Volkov, V. K. Dmitriev, D. N. Zhivoglotov, A. A. Makosko, A. M. Strunin, and M. A. Strunin

Given is a brief description and technical characteristics of onboard hardware-and-software complex for measuring flight parameters and atmospheric thermodynamic characteristics; also, described is the complex for registering these parameters from the Yak-42D “Roshydromet” new-generation research aircraft measurement system. Described are the basic principles of the construction of the onboard system for the registration of heterogeneous measurement data recorded with different frequency and following different protocols of data transmission. Presented are the results of flight tests of aircraft systems for the measurement and registration of navigation parameters, air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and turbulence. Noted is the reliable operation of hardware and software packages which enable carrying out the acquisition and registration of data. Described is the method for taking account of airflow aerodynamic disturbances caused by the aircraft. Presented are the values of error corrections for the readings of pressure and temperature sensors depending on the construction of sensors and their placing at the research aircraft. Given are the results of the comparison of air temperature and wind speed measured by aircraft instruments and radio sounding method. Demonstrated is the reliability of the obtained data.

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