Soil Temperature in Moscow and Its Contemporary Variations

I. A. Korneva and M. A. Lokoshchenko

Presented are the results of continuous daily measurements of soil temperature at the depth up to 320 cm at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) both under the natural cover and in the special area under the bare surface for the period from 1955 to 2013. Revealed is the statistically reliable soil warming both in Moscow and in the countryside (on the example of Podmoskovnaya station) at all levels in recent six decades. This warming was more rapid under the bare surface at the MSU (the mean rate is 0.04C/year) than under the natural cover at both stations (0.02C/year). Obtained are statistically significant correlations between average annual soil temperature and air temperature and snow depth (in the area under the natural cover). As a result of the experiments, significant microclimatic differences (up to 1.3C at different levels) were revealed in the soil temperature regime at the distance of 50 m. These differences are associated both with the various degree of illuminance of some areas and with the possible heating effects of underground pipelines in the big city. Average annual soil temperature under the natural cover remains almost constant with depth (up to the level of 320 cm).

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