A. F. Kurbatskii and L. I. Kurbatskaya

Modeling of the Dispersion of Passive Contaminants from a Continuous Source over an Urban Heat Island


R. G. Zakinyan

The Rate of Homogeneous Nucleation of Liquid Phase in Supersaturated Water Vapor


M. E. Makarova, T. G. Ivanidze, and T. S. Kruzhkova

Features of Tracks and Some Characteristics of Tropical Cyclones with Different Types of Final Stage of Their Existence in 1970—1999


V. N. Aref'ev, A. V. Kal'sin, N. E. Kamenogradskii, F. V. Kashin, N. N. Paramonova, and V. P. Ustinov

Measurements of Greenhouse Gases Contents in the Atmosphere over the Atlantic and Antarctic


V. N. Marichev, I. L. Galkina, and G. M. Kruchenitskii

Influence of Global Geophysical Processes on Vertical Ozone and Temperature Distribution over Western Siberia  


M. V. Bukharov, T. Kh. Geokhlanyan, and V. I. Solov'ev

Identification of Snow and Ice Cover Types from NOAA Microwave Measurements


O. R. Andrianova and R. R. Belevich

Connection of Oscillations of Some Oceanographic Characteristics with Variations of the Angular Velocity of the Earth's Rotation


V. F. Polonskii

Методика определения по натурным данным характеристик нагонов отмелой зоне взморья и в дельте Волги


A. V. Rozhdestvenskii and V. A. Lobanov

Application of Paleoinformation for Assessment of Efficiency of Design Hydrological Characteristics


R. A. Poluektov, I. V. Oparina, and V. V. Terleev

Three Methods for Calculating Soil Water Dynamics


M. E. Elizbarashvili

Resources Potential of the Caucasus Natural Landscapes


A. M. Ovanesyants, T. A. Krasilnikova, and B. S. Letnikov

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in August 2003


V. I. Zakharenkova and L. N. Parshina  

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in August 2003


A. P. Grechikha. L. V. Kirienko. and M. G. Naishuller  

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in August 2003


A. M. Zvyagintsev, N. S. Ivanova, G. M. Kruchenitskii, and I. N. Kuznetsova

Ozone Content over the Russian Federation in the Third Quarter of 2003

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A. V. Bushuev (the 80th Birthday)   125
A. V. Rozhdestvenskii (the 70th Birthday) 126
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