V. V. Maistrova, A. P. Nagurnyi, and I. I. Bolshakova

Variations in Free Atmosphere Temperature in the North Polar Region, 1959—2000


O. A. Anisimov and M. A. Belolutskaya

Evaluation of the Effect of Climate Change and Permafrost Degradation on Infrastructure in the Northern Regions of Russia


I. S. Vasil'ev and Ya. I. Torgovkin

Spatial Distribution of Precipitation in Yakutia


L. I. Petrova

Radial Profile of Wind Speed in the Outer Zone of a Tropical Cyclone


A. I. Chavro and E. V. Dmitriev

Statistical Model of Restoration of a Regional Structure of Geophysical Fields


V. S. Komarov, V. N. Marichev, N. Ya. Lomakina, Yu. B. Popov, and S. N. Il'in

Characteristics of Time Correlation of Stratospheric Ozone Concentration from Lidar Sounding Data over Tomsk


A. V. Babkin

Study of the Influence of Water Inflow Variations on the Dynamics of Water Balance Elements, Level, and Area of the Caspian Sea


N. N. Ivashchenko, A. A. Kutalo, and D. M. Sonechkin

Caspian and Climate. 2. Large-Scale Connections between Caspian Level and Climate Characteristics


M. M. Gendelman

Study of Plan Deformations of Meandering River Channels


G. V. Surkova and K. Pona

Changes in Variability of Air Temperature and Precipitation as an Agrometeorological Factor


A. M. Ovanesyants, T. A. Krasilnikova, and B. S. Letnikov

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in March 2002


G. I. Chekmasova  

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in March 2002


O. N. Belinskii, L. V. Kirienko, and M. G. Naishuller  

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in March 2002


G. M. Kruchenitskii, A. M. Zvyagintsev, N. S. Ivanova, V. A. Zhuravleva, N. E. Kadygrov, and I. N. Kuznetsova

Ozone Content over the Russian Federation Territory in the First Quarter of 2002

 CHRONICLE About Awarding with the Roshydromet Prizes for 2001   120
P. M. Lur'e (60th Birth Anniversary)  121
Kh. M. Kalov (60th Birth Anniversary)   123
125 Years since the Start of Regular Hydrometeorological Observations in the Bashkir Republic  124
75 Years since the Start of Ice Aircraft Observations in the White Sea  126
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