A. I. Bedritskii, A. A. Korshunov, L. A. Khandozhko, and M. Z. Shaimardanov

Indices of Weather Impact on the Economy: User Sensitivity to the Influencing Hydrometeorological Factor


A. V. Frolov, A. I. Vazhnik, V. I. Tsvetkov, and E. D. Astakhova

A Global Spectral Atmospheric Model with High Vertical Resolution


V. P. Meleshko, V. M. Kattsov, P. V. Sporyshev, S. V. Vavulin, and V. A. Govorkova  

Feedbacks in a Climate System: Cloud, Water Vapor, and Radiation Interaction


S. A. Mashkovich and I. G. Sitnikov 

Forecasting Tropical Cyclone Tracks with a Grid Adaption Model


N. P. Shakina, I. N. Kuznetsova, and A. R. Ivanova  

Case Studies of Stratospheric Intrusions Associated with Increased Radioactivity in the Surface Air


G. V. Alekseev, L. V. Bulatov, and V. F. Zakharov 

Contribution of Arctic Anticyclone to the Distribution of Freshwaters in the Arctic Basin


 N. V. Ovinova

Characteristic Features of Distribution of the Elements of Carbonic Acid System in the Tropical Atlantic


D. A. Burakov and O. V. Melnikova 

An Approximation of Channel Travel Curves with a Negative Skewness Using an Opposite Transformation of Gamma Distribution


V. F. Brekhovskikh and T. N. Kazmiruk 

Evalution of Conditions of Secondary Water Pollution of a Weak-Exchange Pool due to Resuspension


L. Kh. Ingel 

Mechanism of Turbulence Intermittence in the Surface Layer


I. N. Ivanova, Yu. G. Pyrkin, V. P. Petrov, and M. A. Silaev

Laboratory Investigation of Turbulence in a Suspension Flow


A. M. Ovanesyants, V. V. Pavlova, and B. S. Letnikov

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in November 1999


 T. B. Sokolova

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in November 1999


O. N. Belinskii, L. V. Kirienko, and M. G. Naishuller

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in November 1999


A. A. Chernikov, Yu. A. Borisov, A. M. Zvyagintsev, N. S. Ivanova, and G. M. Kruchenitskii

Ozone over Russia and Adjacent Areas in 1999

 CHRONICLE  “ECWATECH-2000” — Consolidation of Efforts to Decide Current Water Problems 127
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