Wind Velocity Circulation at the Atmospheric Centers of Action as a Precipitation and Temperature Indicator within Their Boundaries. II. Analysis of Connections on Seasonal Scales

D.Yu. Gushchina and M. A. Petrosyants

According to daily data of reanalysis ofNCEP/NCAR for the period of 1989 to 1998, we calculated circulation anomalies of wind speed in selected atmospheric centers and regionsof intense cyclone activity on isobaric surfaces of 200 and 850 hPa; the air temperature at a height of 2-m; and the amount of precipitation at all grid points of a computational grid of the Earth. We analyzed the dependencer between circulation in atmospheric centers of action and anomalies in temperature and amount ofprecipitation. We show that the synchronous correlation in all contours is larger than the correlation with the shift in time. We drow the conclusion that the daily circulation of the wind speed vector along a closed contour around atmospheric centers of action can determined (or a series of cases determines) the amount of precipitation and temperature anomalies within the limits of the contour if the contour is situated in the midlatitudes.

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