Intermediate Water of the Sea of Japan

I. A. Zhabin, S. N. Taranova, L. D. Talley, V. B. Lobanov, and A. N. Salyuk

On the basis of hydrographic data obtained in summer 1999, the characteristics and circulation of intermediate water in the southern part of the Sea of Japan are investigated. The core of the intermediate salinity minimum lies at a depth of 100–300 m. The ranges of potential temperature, salinity, potential density, and oxigen concentration are 34.00–34.065 psu, 1.6–5.0°C, 26.95–27.26σθ, and 240–290 µmol/kg, respectively. The Japan Sea intermediate water formation processes are examined using mean winter surface property distributions. Favourable conditions for the frontal subduction arise in central part of the subarctic front. Subduction of surface waters in the western part of frontal zone be induced by convergence of wind-driven surface currents.

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