Assessment of Sensitivity of River Channel Patterns to Possible Climatic Changes on River in the Northern European Russia

V. A. Lobanov, A.N. Kodratyev, О. А. Anisimov, and J. Vandenberghe

The method of V. V. Romashin has been used to assess the sensitivity of channel processing to climatic changes in the northern of European Russia. In this method, a criterion for the river channel pattern is a product of the annual the river discharge and valley slope. Presend climatic changes for the northern is a European Russia have been considered. Trends of climatic changes have been obtained, and homogeneous regions with the similar kinds changes have been delineated based on analysis of observed time series of annual and maximum river runoff, annual precipitation, and air temperature. Assessment of sensitivity of the fluvial processes to climatic changes in the form of possible replacement of channel types has been performed using some generalized scenarios of river runoff changes as well as the obtained climatic changes in each extracted homogeneous region.

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