V. I. Luk’yanov, T. G. Dmitrieva, and E. V. Vasil’ev

Weather Services for the Test Events and Sochi-2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games



D. B. Kiktev, E. D. Astakhova, R. B. Zaripov,A. V. Murav’ev, A. V. Smirnov,

and M. D. Tsyrul’nikov

FROST-2014 Project and Weather Services for Sochi-2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games




E. V. Vasil’ev and T. G. Dmitrieva

Forecasting Extreme Weather Phenomena and Processes during the Test Events and Sochi-2014Olympic and Paralympic Games



M. V. Shatunova, G. S. Rivin, and I. A. Rozinkina

Visibility Forecasting for February 16–18, 2014 for the Region of Sochi-2014 Olympic GamesUsing the High-resolution COSMO-Ru1 Model



E. D. Astakhova, A. Montani, and D. Yu. Alferov

Ensemble Weather Prediction for Sochi-2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games 



A. Z. Dubovetskii, A. P. Kats, A. V. Kochin, A. Yu. Mel’nichuk,and Yu. V. Mel’nichuk

Organization of Radar and Aerological Observations in the Region of Sochi-2014 Olympicand Paralympic Games



S. A. Sarychev, L. I. Dudina, M. A. Zapevalov,V. S. Kosykh, D. R. Nechaev,

N. N. Poletaeva,I. V. Semenova, and A. L. Lyubimtsev

Sochi-2014 Integrated Environmental Monitoring System




G. B. Pigol’tsina and N. A. Zinov’eva

Assessment of Microclimatic Conditions in Krasnaya Polyana Mountain Cluster for Providing the Olympic Venues with the Detailed Weather and Climate Information



A. G. Rogozin and S. V. Gavrilkina

Long-term Variations of Thermal Conditions of Lake Bol’shoe Miassovo (South Urals)as a Result of Climate Warming




E. S. Dmitrevskaya, T. A. Krasil’nikova, and O. A. Markova

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in May 2015



V. I. Zakharenkova  

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in May 2015



T. V. Berezhnaya, A. D. Golubev,and L. N. Parshina

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in May 2015



CHRONICLES 125 Years to the Beginning of Observations at Kazanskaya Meteorological Station 127
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