V. P. Dymnikov (to the 80th Birthday)


V. N. Krupchatnikov, G. A. Platov, E. N. Golubeva, A. A. Fomenko,
Yu. Yu. Klevtsova, and V. N. Lykosov

Some Results of Studies in the Area of Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Theory in Siberia



E. P. Gordov, I. G. Okladnikov, A. G. Titov, N. N. Voropai,
A. A. Ryazanova, and V. N. Lykosov

Development of Information-computational Infrastructure for Modern Climatology



M. V. Kalashnik and M. V. Kurganskii

Hydrodynamic Instability of the Periodic System of Updrafts and Downdrafts in the Atmosphere



V. V. Vorob’eva and E. M. Volodin

Investigation of the Structure and Predictability of the First Mode of Stratospheric Variability Based on the INM RAS Climate Model



V. P. Meleshko, V. M. Kattsov, V. M. Mirvis, A. V. Baidin,
T. V. Pavlova, and V. A. Govorkova

Is There a Link between Arctic Sea Ice Loss and Increasing Frequency of Extremely Cold Winters in Eurasia and North America? A Modern Research Synthesis



E. M. Volodin and M. A. Tarasevich

Simulation of Climate and Weather Extreme Indices with the INM-CM5 Climate Model



A. S. Gritsun

Potential Predictability and Sensitivity of Multidecadal Oscillations of Sea Surface Temperature in the Arctic to External Forcing



M. A. Tolstykh, R. Yu. Fadeev, V. V. Shashkin, G. S. Goyman,
R. B. Zaripov, D. B. Kiktev, S. V. Makhnorylova, V. G. Mizyak,
and V. S. Rogutov

SL-AV Multiscale Global Atmosphere Model: the Results of Medium-range Weather Forecasting



P. N. Vargin, S. V. Kostrykin, and E. M. Volodin

Analysis of Simulation of Stratosphere-troposphere Dynamical Coupling with the INM-CM5 Climate Model



K. V. Ushakov and R. A. Ibraev

Investigation of Interannual Variability and Budget of Heat in an Eddy-resolving Numerical Model Simulating Tropical Instability Waves in the Pacific Ocean




E. S. Dmitrevskaya, T. A. Krasil’nikova, and O. A. Markova

Environmental Pollution and Radiation Situation on the Russian Federation Territory in August 2018



V. V. Degtyareva

Weather on the Russian Federation Territory in August 2018



T. V. Berezhnaya, A. D. Golubev, and L. N. Parshina

Anomalous Hydrometeorological Phenomena on the Russian Federation Territory in August 2018



N. S. Ivanova, G. M. Kruchenitskii, I. N. Kuznetsova, V. I. Demin,
V. A. Lapchenko, and V. V. Shirotov

Ozone Content over the Russian Federation in the Third Quarter of 2018




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