Changes in Cu Characteristics and Precipitation during Cu Merging

A. A. Sin’kevich, V. B. Popov, I. A. Tarabukin, E. V. Dorofeev,
Yu. A. Dovgalyuk, N. E. Veremei, Yu. P. Mikhailovskii, V. S. Snegurov,
and A. V. Snegurov

The results of investigation of convective cloud merging observed near Saint Petersburg are presented. Data obtained with a set of remote sensing instruments (radar, radiometer, and lightning location system) were analyzed. Rain gage network data are used. Clouds simulation is performed using a 1.5-dimensional nonstationary model. A method to calibrate the radar measurements to obtain precipita- tion characteristics using rain gage network data is developed. According to radar data, a 2-km increase in the cloud top height was observed after Cu merging, the maximum reflectivity of clouds increased at 10 dBZ, maximum rain intensity and rain flux increased by about two times. The increase in rainfall intensity is also corroborated by rain gage observations and numerical simulations. An increase in the intensity of lightning discharges during the merging is registered.

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